4 Mindset Shifts to Help Clear Your Cluttered House

These mindset shifts WILL help you succeed at decluttering. Once you get past the mental roadblocks, it’s SO MUCH EASIER to clear your cluttered house without overwhelm. Keep reading for the 4 suggestions that you can use TODAY.

1. My Partner Isn’t On Board

You could always start by filling a couple of small boxes and just asking your partner to help you move them or drive with you to drop them off when you go grocery shopping or something like that. Depending on your location, some charities will pick up donations at your home.

2. It Has Sentimental Value

If I’m decluttering and run across something that brings back a FLOOD of uber-good memories, I’ll put it in the bin. Every couple of years I go through the bins and decide a few things aren’t really that big a deal any longer.

3. It’s Too Good to Donate

I’ve donated items MUCH more valuable than $15 and am absolutely fine with it because eliminating the clutter from your mental, visual, and physical space is much more important than dollars.

4. I Might Need It Later

I’ll just say this… I am the type of person who used to keep EVERYTHING “just in case.” And out of all the trunkloads and truckloads of things that have been tossed or donated from this house over the past ten years or so, I have NEVER ONCE been sorry I let any of it go.