19 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Keeping A Clean Home Easier

These cleaning hacks go deeper than the daily fast and simple habits to keep a clean and tidy home. Really, you can use them all to enjoy a much cleaner home with much less effort. You can thank me later.

DIY Carpet Deodorizer with Two Ingredients (It Works!)

It only takes two ingredients; baking soda and essential oils! Not only will your house smell fantastic, but also be safe from any harmful fumes given off by perfume-soaked carpets.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors isn't always an easy job. You can do light cleaning maintenance with a simple push broom and cordless vacuum, but you have to be very thoughtful about what you use for deep cleaning.

How to Remove Dog Urine Odor From The Carpet (Naturally)

If you're looking for a natural way to get rid of dog urine odors from your carpet, try this simple recipe. All it takes is hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixed with dish soap!

How to Clean Your Baseboards Without Bending Over

Bending over to clean baseboards can be a pain (literally!), but there's an easy hack that will get the job done. Grab a towel, a broom, and a headband -- and click through to watch the video of this simple tip in action.

How to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring and Keep Them Sparkling New

Did you know you can remove scuff marks from luxury vinyl plank floors with some WD-40 and a microfiber cloth? Yep, it works!

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