Why Unplugging From Technology Will Make Your Life Better

Our growing addiction is separating us from our loved ones, even when we’re sitting right next to them. We sleep less, we get less done, and we’re becoming an increasingly perfectionist society.

Increase your productivity

Distractions are your biggest enemy when it comes to getting your work done. Every ding, beep, popup, and message notification sucks precious moments from your day.

Improve your personal connections

Turning off the tech helps you become a better communicator. I’m not saying you have to sit down and hand-write a 10-page letter to your distant cousin every week. I’m talking about spending REAL time with the people near you.

Jump-start your creativity

While stream-of-consciousness typing can unlock thoughts and get crap out of your head, you should also try mind-mapping on paper. Take it a step further and write some things by hand.

Get more sleep

My completely unscientific observation is that when I set a time to turn off my phone and laptop (and yes, the television) and leave quiet space afterward, I go to bed about 60-90 minutes earlier and sleep better because my mind isn’t still processing everything I just looked at.

Finish what you start

With so much tech, we think we can do everything at once. But we can’t, and we shouldn’t.

When you realize that unplugging from technology actually allows you to do MORE with your life, it gets easier to turn everything off just a little earlier every day. Give it a try, and enjoy the results as you work to Build Your Best Life!