The Slow Declutter: A No-Mess Method to Declutter Your Home

The best part? With slow decluttering, there’s no ‘messy middle’ when your house seems even more chaotic. Seriously, you really can declutter without making a mess!

We also waste nearly an hour every day searching through clutter to find important items like keys, paperwork, etc.

Negative Effects of Clutter

Even if you are not to the point where you need decluttering tips for hoarders — and I really hope you aren’t — you probably KNOW that even a little clutter here and there makes life more difficult.

Negative Effects of Clutter

Are you ready for a good spring cleaning? Or you would be, except you’re looking around at all the piles of ‘stuff’ that have accumulated and you’re so overwhelmed that you can’t get motivated to clean and declutter.

Are You Overwhelmed With Too Much Stuff?

I hear it every day: ‘My house is so cluttered I don’t know where to start.’ And I get it… I’ve been there! Lighten the load on your house and your mind. Let’s talk about how to clear your house with a slow declutter…

Are You Overwhelmed With Too Much Stuff?

Certainly, there may be times when decluttering is more intense than others — like when you’re decluttering sentimental items. But for the most part, you can set aside ten minutes or so every day to work and then be done with it until the next day.

Break the Clutter Cycle Without Overwhelm

How to Begin Slow Decluttering - Choose the room or area that means the most to you - Ask yourself the tough questions - Try ’10 items a day’ as a theme for your decluttering - Work in rounds - Be prepared