Productive Things  To Do Over the Summer: Make Your Goals a Reality

From the beginning stages of preparing your ideas of what you want (and don’t want!) to happen this summer to figuring out the best way to end the season, it’s all part of powerful goal-setting and taking action. Enjoy!

Determine Your Priorities

Hard fact: To-do lists will always be longer than the hours in a single day, especially for overwhelmed overthinkers.

No. 1

Rethink Your Work Hours

You might not get a summer vacation from your job, but employers are becoming more work-life conscious, especially now that many people are working remotely.

No. 2

Learn Mind Mapping

Mind mapping brings your right hemisphere into play by having you use colors and shapes, besides words.

No. 3

Learn a (Fun) Time Management Technique

The minutes and seconds that slip through the cracks in a day are astonishing. Most of us could easily recoup a couple of hours if we really watched how we spend our time.

No. 4

The Pomodoro Technique

Learn this techinque and you'll find yourself getting more done in shorter spaces of time.

No. 5


Timeboxing is very similar to the pomodoro technique in that it follows a pattern of allocating time to a task. But the breaks are optional.

No. 6

Write That Book

Figure out how many words you can write in 15-30 minutes. Then set a timer to write as many times as you can spare throughout the day. Before long, you’ll have a finished draft to edit.

No. 7