7 Ways to Clear Your Cluttered Mind in About 15 Minutes

Breaking the cycle of overthinking is rarely easy. Those of us who struggle usually feel like we never get a break from all the words and lists and images and replays of prior events and conversations. All of those thoughts pile up and run through our head on an endless loop.

Do a brain dump

Putting your thoughts, worries, and tasks down in writing means you don’t have to hold them all in your head while you’re trying to concentrate on what you’re really supposed to be doing.

Journal about your cluttered thoughts

Journaling can be a different sort of brain dump. If there is a big issue weighing on your mind, writing about it can help you work through what’s going on.

Get moving

If you’re frustrated by your lack of focus, walk away from your current space… and keep walking for a few minutes. Take a stroll outside if possible to place maximum distance between you and your struggles. The fresh air and movement will do wonders for your brain clarity.

Drink water or have a snack

When your brain is running a million miles an hour, it’s using energy. Replenish that with plenty of water and a high-protein energy snack.

Meditate and breathe

Combining meditation and very deep breathing for about 10-15 minutes will leave you feeling incredibly refreshed. When you open your eyes, it often feels like you’ve just taken a nap.

Set a timer and just do your best

Sometimes having a time limit causes too much stress to get anything accomplished. But other times, you just need that starting point.

You don’t want to find yourself working through this entire list, one thing after another, spending 15 minutes on EACH item and never actually getting to work. At that point, you’ve turned a positive tactic into a reason to procrastinate.