Quick Ideas for How to Make Your House Look Less Cluttered

Have you ever heard the term visual clutter? Often, visual clutter is what’s keeping your home from feeling spacious, peaceful, and organized. There are lots of ‘extra’ things that can make your home look and feel cluttered — some of which you know are clutter, others you might not even think about. But those things are still there…

How to Make Your House Look Less Cluttered

1. Take care of the laundry That big pile of laundry spread out on the couch or your bed draws your eye to it the second you step into the room. So do yourself a favor and get that laundry put away!

2. Rethink knick-knacks and artwork Likewise, too many pictures or pieces of art covering the walls can make your room look small and busy, which makes it feel cluttered. Open spots on the walls make the room look and feel bigger and more organized.

3. Clear the counters Consider placing these items in a cabinet or pantry and free up some of your counter space. You’ll be surprised at how much easier cleaning is in the kitchen also!

4. Reclaim the refrigerator doors Your kitchen will look much more streamlined if you only keep a few items on your refrigerator — such as this week’s meal plan and your grocery list. Turn the doors into a simple refrigerator command center and find a new spot for everything else.

5. Drop off the donations You can also have a set area in your home where all of your family members know to place items to be donated. When the box is full drop it off or arrange to have it picked up.