Stop Being a Victim of Clutter [Mindset Transformation]

The idea of developing a decluttering mindset may seem impossible as you sit trapped inside your fortress of clutter.

What IS a Decluttering Mindset?

This mindset is like minimalism in that it’s about positivity and gratitude.

How to Mentally Prepare to Declutter

Start with the end in mind

So always ALWAYS remember the goal you’re working toward.

Spend time envisioning your decluttered space

How will you feel about the freedom of clear and clean areas?

Journal your thoughts

Write out how you feel now, how you WANT to feel, and your WHY for wanting to declutter.

Set a goal

Set a goal that is connected to greater life freedom or flexibility.

We’re going to work through what it takes to go from feeling like a cluttered failure to building a decluttering mindset.