9 Reasons You Fear Decluttering Clothes (And How to Get Past It)

We’ll discuss nine reasons why so many of us fear decluttering clothes

The odds of that happening are SO low that you really REALLY shouldn’t worry about it

What if I declutter too many clothes?

This fear is so powerful. Triggered by our need to fill and desire to exceed the basic necessities of life, we start to equate a smaller wardrobe with an ‘empty’ closet.

I’ll be sad if my closet isn’t full

No. A wardrobe is simply a collection of inanimate objects. Keeping the best of your clothing is making a conscious and positive choice. 

My clothes are my identity. Getting rid of them would be like losing part of myself

Maybe you successfully work from home right now, but in the back of your mind lives the niggling worry that something will happen and you will have to get a ‘real’ job again. 

What if I have to go back to work? 

So don’t be afraid to get rid of those things that aren’t you… that aren’t comfortable… that don’t make you feel good when you’re wearing them.

I Have A Hard Time Finding Clothes That Fit

To successfully declutter your wardrobe, it’s imperative to recognize many of the seemingly logical excuses we make are actually based on fear.