Writing Excerpts – May 9, 2016

{ Hunger, (fiction) lost key, writer’s block }



For this Week #14, I am beginning a new prompt list, which you can see HERE.

Note: This series of Writing Excerpts was originally inspired by Jeff Goins’ My 500 Words challenge.




Everyone experiences hunger at some point in their lives. And every time I see it, no matter what type it is, it makes me sad. I see hungry children — trust me, the stories I’ve heard from cafeteria workers and teachers are absolutely heart-breaking. I see women — and men — so hungry for affection that they jump from one bad relationship to another. I see a country so hungry for change that it will desperately grasp at any straw to make it happen.

How do you satisfy the hunger? Some work tirelessly to effect change. Some believe God will make everything better. Some are so overwhelmed, they never do anything. Some simply stop at the local convenience store and grab a bag of snack food.

My hunger is to live simply and easily, in a place of beauty, free of the need to think about money. But with internet. 🙂 I have no fiery desire to change the world. Is that selfish? Yes, I realize in a way it is. But in the back of my mind, I keep the hope that if I read enough and write enough words, eventually something worthwhile will appear on the page. Something that just may make a difference to someone. A chuckle, a tear, a realization.



(Candy wrapper)

She loved candy. Her favorite was Dove milk chocolate, the ones that were individually wrapped and each of the wrappers had a cute little saying inside. Of course, it had been so long since she’d had one of those, she didn’t even know if they were still made the same way as they had been a year or two ago.

But recently, she had begun to find the odd candy wrapper in her home. She couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. She lived alone and rarely had visitors. She cooked her own meals and cleaned her own house, so there was no cooking or cleaning service to consider.




Oh, I like this one. Time is one of those writing prompts that could seriously go anywhere.

Do I believe in time travel? Actually, yes, I do believe it will be possible someday.

Time is fascinating. It stretches out sooooo long when we are young, and becomes all too brief as we age. Is it because there are so many more things we want to do as we get older? Or is it because time actually compresses as we age? Obviously I’m not a scientist, but I’ve always found that theory fascinating.

And right now, today, it feels like I simply do not have enough time to do anything. I’m working a very long day at two different buildings, and will be doing the same tomorrow. I would rather be writing and reading, but I keep telling myself I will have plenty of time for that this weekend. 😉 For now, I need to say goodbye to my computer and get on with my day.



(A lost key)

She was getting desperate. Not only would she be fired for this, but just thinking about the potential security issue was enough to make her sick to her stomach. How was it possible that she had lost her building key? And WHY hadn’t her employer moved into the current century and upgraded the system to key cards that could simply be deactivated in cases like this?

Finally, FINALLY, she caught a flash of metal under the passenger seat of her vehicle. Not caring that there was fresh mud on the mat, she flattened herself on the floor and felt around under the seat until she found the key. She held it up, feeling overwhelming relief and a little bit of triumph. She knew she couldn’t have ACTUALLY lost it. But she did wonder a little bit how it had fallen off her lanyard.

As she held the key, she felt a strange flash that almost felt like a memory. An image of someone in the car with her. A feeling of excitement, confidence. Her brow wrinkled and she shook her head. The flash was gone, and she was her regular boring self again.



(Writer’s Block)

I’ll tell you, I haven’t had a case of writer’s block this bad in a very long time. Honestly, I’ve written diddly squat this past week. Even the things I wrote the week before still look bad to me. It’s going to be another slim week of postings on the blog. One of these weeks I keep thinking I’ll be super productive and get 8-10 monumental posts written for those weeks when the words just don’t flow.

The good thing is that my work schedule should be back to normal this week. I really do love working a few hours out of the home. Full-time at my old job was so exhausting, I could never find the energy to do anything else. But half-time? Loving it! Really with writing and blogging, I’m working more than full-time, and there are days I don’t get as much done around the house as I probably should, but that’s just the way it is. 😉 Even after several months of blogging, I spend a lot of time learning every day. I think I need to concentrate a little more on my potential money-making writing. Blogging can honestly take up every spare moment, but I have to remember that blogging is a record of the journey, not the journey itself.


Are you writing anything this week? Post a link, I would love to read it!


Even when I’m not writing much, I’m always pinning on Pinterest! Follow me to see what sorts of things interest me, and maybe you will find some ideas to help you!

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6 thoughts on “Writing Excerpts – May 9, 2016”

  1. I’d love to post a link to something awesome I’ve written, but this week has flown by with not many written words. 🙁 Last week I wrote an okay post, it helped me to get a little off my chest. 🙂
    Dove chocolate would be wonderful right now.
    I hope this week has been good to you.

    1. Some weeks do that. But, um, that “okay” post? More like awesome! (“The Sky Was All Purple” for those who are wondering.) The week has been good, thank you! I haven’t read your Thank You Notes yet, so I’ll just say that I hope you are feeling better this week!

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