8 Strategies To Use When Your Husband Refuses to Declutter

Here are my 8 go-to strategies when it comes to dealing with a partner’s refusal to declutter.

Converting someone from a clutter-keeper to a declutterer is a process.

Have patience with your partner

Declutter your own stuff… and keep it that way.

Be a good example

Make the offer to work WITH him, and make sure he knows he will have the final say about every single item.

Offer to declutter WITH your partner

When we have issues with clutter, we tend to purely think about it in relation to ourselves.

Point-blank ask your partner to do it ‘for you’

If your partner’s mess isn’t consuming your personal or family areas, you may decide to ignore it.

Live with it

If health and sanitation are at stake, it’s time to pull out all the stops.

Stage an intervention

Been there, done that… and I can tell you life is so much easier when you can work together toward the goal of clutter-free living.