How to develop your finishing instinct for real productivity -- gain the drive and dedication to finish one task after another until a project is complete. This will change your life! |

How to Develop Your Finishing Instinct: The Magic Final Step to Real Productivity

  Do you finish everything you set out to accomplish? Or do you jump from project to project, never actually finishing anything? I usually fall into the second group, so I’m writing this post for all of us who have a tough time FINISHING things! We’ve talked about prioritizing and Read More

Choosing a personal motivational word to inspire your actions this year could change your life! Click for tips + a FREE printable worksheet to guide you... |

ACTION: My Personal Motivational Word for 2017 + Why You Need One!

{How Choosing a Word for Your Year Will Help You Reach Your Goals + a FREE Printable Worksheet} Does it seem like EVERYONE is choosing a “word of the year?” Does that actually put you off because you don’t want to be like everyone else? I sort of felt the Read More